Potable Water Services

Well Pump Installation

Protect your water well investment by trusting Precision Service and Pumps to professionally design and install your pump system.

Well pump sizing and installation requires extensive knowledge and should only be carried out by experienced, qualified personnel. In fact, in the Province of BC it’s the law that installing a pump in a well is a restricted activity that may only be performed by a certified and registered well pump installer.

Trust the experts at Precision Service and Pumps to carry out your pump installation in a timely, professional manner. Our pump experts are certified and registered according to provincial regulations. We specialize in the design, installation, maintenance and repair of domestic, municipal and commercial pump systems. Whether you need a pump installed in a domestic water well or you’ve got an industrial, mining or agricultural application, Precision Service and Pumps has got you covered.

Water Well Maintenance and Rehabilitation

Every well requires ongoing maintenance and care to help keep it performing at its peak. If a well is not maintained as it should be, water well yield and/or water quality can decline considerably. Trust the experts at Precision Service and Pumps to help you keep your well maintained and operating as it should.  If your well is showing signs of reduced yield or declining water quality, you can count on us to help you determine the best option for well rehabilitation.  Our goal is to keep your well operating as long as possible, helping you to avoid the significant cost of drilling a new well.

Reservoir/Storage Tank Cleaning and Disinfection

Water system managers know that water reservoir structures need regular cleaning and disinfecting to meet required health and safety standards and keep systems operating smoothly. But in most cases keeping the manpower and equipment required to do this work in-house is cost prohibitive. Tank cleaning and disinfecting requires specialized equipment and operators need extensive training in confined space entry and project specific health and safety protocols. It simply doesn’t make financial sense for companies to own and maintain the equipment, and keep staff with up to date training, for periodic cleaning and disinfection.

Precision Service and Pumps is your solution for reservoir/storage tank cleaning and disinfection. We own a fleet of vehicles and all the necessary equipment needed for all types of reservoirs and storage tanks, including concrete, steel, fiberglass and wood stave reservoirs. Our crews are fully trained and certified on each piece of safety equipment we use as well as the procedures employed when working in or around confined spaces (retraining is mandatory every three years). We disinfect to AWWA Standards. You can count on us to complete the cleaning and disinfection of any facility in an efficient, cost-effective manner.


Booster Pump Stations

Often times a single pump is insufficient to provide the pressure and flows required for a project, particularly on large municipal or industrial sites.  In these cases a booster pump or multiple booster pumps are required, often installed in a booster pump station.

Booster pump stations are structures that contain two or more pumps along with the inlet and outlet pipes as well as all of the motor and electrical controls to make the pumps turn on and off as needed.

Precision Service and Pumps are experts in the design, construction, and maintenance of Booster Pump Stations.  Count on us to provide exactly the booster pump configuration required for your project.

Flow/Step Testing

Flow tests are required for most water wells to determine the rate at which the well can supply water, and in some cases for testing aquifer properties. Depending on the application, these tests can range from a simple short duration at a constant flow rate to longer term testing at variable rates.

Precision Service & Pumps can provide all of the specialized equipment, personnel and expertise required to successfully complete any well flow test or step test program at any location. We will supply the right pump for the job, with the capacity to pump up to 4,000 US gpm or more and to depths over 1,000 ft. We have the experience and training to follow all of the provincial rules and regulations for pump tests, and take extra care to protect the environment and the surrounding habitat while we’re at it.

From small flows to the largest of flows, Precision Service and Pumps is your trusted service provider for any flow or step test.

Wastewater Services

Lift Station Installation and Maintenance

Lift stations are used to lift any type of sewage or wastewater from a building up into a sanitary sewer. Without proper maintenance and cleaning, problems with these systems can quickly turn into a larger sewage issue. You can count on Precision Service and Pumps for all of your Lift Station needs from installation to maintenance and repairs. We are the Lift Station experts for condominiums, small communities and municipalities. We offer a standard 15 point inspection for every job.

Sewage Collection (Sewage Lift Stations)

Precision service and Pumps can help you with all your sewer collection needs, including municipal and commercial applications. Whether it’s supplying pumps and equipment, carrying out installations or repairs, we’ve got you covered.

We’re experts in concrete basins, FRP basins, retrofitting new pumps and piping into your existing station, and much much more. We have all the required safety training, including confined entry, to carry out the work safely and efficiently.

Drainage Pumps

Got too much water? Precision can help! We’ve got a full range of pumps, from small to large, to serve all your drainage needs. Whether you’re a municipality or a commercial business, you can count on us for flood control, storm water control, irrigation drainage, flood drainage, and dewatering.