Turf Logic

Making your greens greener!  Perfect for golf courses, Precision Service and Pumps’ Turf Logic is a self-sufficient pump system to meet all of your irrigation needs.  Designed and built in house, Turf Logic pump skids are a stand alone, fully automated pump control system that will drastically reduce maintenance and downtime so  your customers can spend more time on the course.

Standard Construction

  • Custom Fabricated Steel Discharge Pump Heads
  • High Efficiency Vertical Turbine Pumps with Stainless Steel Shafting,
  • Water Lubricated Line Shaft Bearings and Stainless Steel Basket Strainer.
  • Premium Efficiency VFD Rated Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors
  • 4.0″ Liquid-Filled Pressure Gauge with Isolation Valves Hose Bib Connection
  • Silent Wafer Check Valves
  • Individual Pump Discharge Isolation Valves
  • Flow Meter Spool with Flow Sensor
  • Lug-Style Station Discharge Isolation Valve
  • Pump Station Relief Valve with Inlet Isolation Valve
  • 100% Continuous Weld Around Deck Plate
  • Integral Wet Well Access Hatch
  • Submersible Pressure Maintenance Pump (PMP)

Door Mounted

  • Mitsubishi GT1455-QTBDE, 5.7” color touch screen complete with built in Ethernet, Logging function, 9MB built in flash memory, USB port, advanced alarm monitoring, advanced function menu, SD card support
  • Hand/off/auto selector switches (3)
  • Pump running status lights (3)
  • VFD running status light (1)
  • Test/off/auto selector switch
  • Flow alarms enabled/disabled selector switch
  • Reset push button
  • Separate run indicator for PMP pump
  • Cooling fans and filters

Standard Controls

  • CSA approved manufactured Nema 12 enclosure
  • Stainless Steel Pressure Transducers
  • Through-the-Door Main Disconnect
  • Low Discharge Pressure Shutdown
  • High Discharge Pressure Shutdown with Auto-Restart
  • Low Water Level Shutdown with Auto-Restart
  • VFD Fault Shutdown with Auto-Restart
  • Overload Shutdown
  • Individual Run Time Monitoring
  • Automatic Alternation of VFD Pumps by Run Time
  • MGI (Mitsubishi) variable frequency drive – M7600-00680, rated at 50HP, 600VAC
  • Mitsubishi FX3G Series PLC – FX3G-24MR-ES
  • Mitsubishi FX3U analog input module –FX3U-4AD
  • Mitsubishi FX3U analog output module –FX3U-4AD
  • Mitsubishi contractors as required
  • Mitsubishi overloads as required
  • Non-Fused disconnect with a door interlocked handle
  • Control transformer fused in primary and secondary
  • Line side fusing as required
  • Phase monitor relay
  • Hammond line & load reactors sized to the specific motor hp
  • CSA or UL approved
  • CAD as built schematics