Pump Sales

Precision Service and Pumps supplies and services most makes and models of commercial and domestic pumps. No matter your pumping needs, we carry the pumps and have the knowledge to not only meet your needs but to exceed your expectations.

We are certified dealers for the world’s leading pump manufacturers, including:

Sewage Pumps (Grinders/Non-Clog) Drainage/Irrigation  +  Mixers

Potable Water Pumps – Submersible

Potable Water Pumps – Turbine

Axial Flow Pumps

Our dedication to our customers doesn’t end there. We not only sell pumps, we service them too. You can be confident when you buy a pump from us that our full service shop and qualified technicians are here to keep your pump running like the day it was new. We stand by what we sell.

Parts & Accessories

No matter your pumping application, we carry a full range of parts and accessories to compliment the pumps we sell. We can help you get the most out of your pump using parts and accessories from such trusted names as:

Custom Solutions

Precision Service and Pumps does so much more than sell and service pumps. Our large fabrication and machine shop allows us to build and customize almost anything pump related that our clients require.

We design and build custom pump stations, providing both Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) solutions and custom concrete pump stations. We also design and build a wide variety of structures using cargo shipping containers (Sea-Cans), including Waste Stations, Water Purification Stations, Control Buildings and more.  You can also count on us for building and installing Fibreglass Sewage Lift Stations and Fibreglass Cistern Tanks.  We even specialize in custom wellhead security options to keep your well, and your water, safe and secure.

Click on any of the examples below to learn more about our custom solutions, including Turf Logic, our constant pressure pumping system made specifically for golf courses!

Well Rehabilitation Products

Every well requires ongoing maintenance and care to help keep it performing at its peak. Precision Service and Pumps have the expertise to help you keep your well maintained and operating as it should.  We also carry the products that you can use to keep your well maintained between service visits.

PSP Descaler and PSP Plus+

Have you noticed a decrease in water flow from your well, or perhaps a degradation in water quality?  These are typically the first signs that there are problems with your well, and are usually caused by corrosion, encrustation and clogging of the well screen or pumping equipment.  These conditions are usually caused by iron and manganese or iron bacteria growth.  Unfortunately, traditional chemical treatments for these conditions, such as hydrochloric acid, produce modest and often short-term results.

PSP Descaler and PSP Plus+ is a two-part biodegradable chemical agent system that was developed specifically for use in rehabilitation of potable water wells that have encrustation and detectable or visible mineral problems.

PSP Descaler and PSP Plus + have been formulated specifically for the treatment, dissolution and removal of iron and manganese deposits in wells, proving to be far superior to any other method for rehabilitation of water wells that have encrustation and detectable or visible mineral problems. You can rely on Precision Service and Pumps to provide guidance and assistance in the use of these products to produce the best results possible for your well. And remember, always follow the manufacturer’s directions for proper use and disposal of these products.