Our Past Projects

Projects & Testimonials

The following is a representative list of public and private sector projects Precision Service & Pumps have undertaken in the course of our service history in the industry. These specific contracts depict the various kinds of projects and the scope of work that our team is capable of performing for our clients.

The list of illustration projects will be increased periodically to showcase additional skills and services our company can offer current and prospective clients. A complete list of references is available upon request.

District of Squamish – Skyridge

  • Supply and install 150hp, vertical turbine pumps for fire flow
  • Supply and install large diameter stainless steel piping and valves
  • Supply and install vertical multi stage booster package
  • Supply and install flow meters

BCBC – Fraser Valley Trout Hatchery

  • Re-development of 16″ production Well #4, by mechanical surging in combination with Carela Bio-Forte Plus treatment. Initial specific capacity of approx. 32 USgpm/ ft. of drawdown (1648 USgpm), was improved to approx. 44.5 USgpm/ft of drawdown (2292 USgpm).

Fraser Valley Regional District

  • Flow test, re-develop and re-test municipal wells Industrial ‘A’ – 600 USgpm from 160 ft., and ‘C’ – 1000 USgpm from 140 ft.  Highland Valley Copper – Strip, Inspect and Repair 200 HP submersible well pumps.

Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management

  • Supplied and installed stainless steel pump, piping and fittings for test pump installation in test well at Britannia Beach, B.C.

Resort Municipality of Whistler

  • Flow tested three (3) new wells which will provide alternate water supply to three municipal parks. Also supplied the pumps and fabricated all final down well and header piping for these wells.

Greater Vancouver Regional District

  • Flow tested Well at site of new Seymour / Capilano Water Treatment Plant. Village of Pemberton
  • Supply and installation of temporary rental, and permanent 150 HP submersible well pump motor. Foundex Explorations – Capilano/Cleveland Dam Site
  • Flow test new depressurization well at 200 USgpm from 120 feet

City of Abbotsford

  • Charlotte Sanitary Pumpstation – New pumps and station retro-fit. As well as many upgrades, cleaning, and maintenance on several other sewage lift stations throughout the District.

Cariboo Regional District

  • Supply and installation of a complete new well water supply for Lac La Hache, by supplying and installing new submersible well pump and motor, pitless adapter unit, well head security kiosk, prefabbed pumphouse, poured rienforced concrete slab, all plumbing, piping, electrical, and Scada control panel.

White Rock Utilities

  • Conducted initial flow tests, re-developed, and then re-flow tested 5 major community water supply wells.

Foundex Explorations

  • Seymour Dam Site – Install pumping system involving four (4) wells for level monitoring and testing.

City of Chilliwack

  • Sanitary Pumpstation No. 11 – New pumps and piping retro-fit.
    District of Squamish Conducted initial flow tests, re-developed, and then re-flow tested municipal water supply wells # PW00-02 and # PW00-03

Bosa / Appia Developments

  • Set-up on-site dewatering system for new development in Port Moody involving 5 wells complete with pumps, motors, piping and electrical control system

Covert Improvement District

  • Refurbish 100 HP motor and re-build 260 ft deep line shaft turbine pump, shafting, spiders, etc.

Fraser Valley Regional District – J.A.M.E.S. Pollution Control Plant

  • Complete fabrication, supply and installation of new 150 HP, inverter duty, line shaft pump and motor

Marv’s Excavating – City of Abbotsford – McKee Booster Pump Station

  • Complete fabrication, supply and installation of three (3) booster pump cans and one (1) 60 HP line shaft booster pump

Resort Municipality of Whistler

  • Community Booster Pump Station Upgrade – Sub-contractor services for mechanical works including installation of Owner supplied 150 HP line shaft turbine, exterior pre-cast concrete flowmeter chamber, relocation of existing station’s 12″ PRV  bypass piping system, and upgrades to wellheads of municipal water supply wells # W205-01 and #W205-03.

City of Williams Lake

  • Conducted initial flow test, re-developmented well, and then conducted post re-development flow test

James Island (Gulf Islands)

  • Fabrication, supply and installation of new vaccum collection system for community water supply.

DFO Atnarko Hatchery, Bella Coola

  • Conducted initial well flow test, re-developed well and the conducted post development flow test

District of North Cowichan

  • Flow tested three (3) wells, one (1) for 24 hrs. and two concurrently for 72 hrs. at flows of approximately 1500 USgpm each. Construction Aggregates – Flow test, and then supply and installation of new 60 HP submersible well pump, piping and electrical system

Vancouver International Airport

  • Cooling Water Well Field – Flow tested 20 wells and established new pumping rates for each well to balance the field system.

Greater Vancouver Regional District – Seymour Capilano Water Treatment Project

  • With KSB Pumps, won contract to supply four(4) 143 HP submersible waste water pumps, three(3) 50 HP horizontal end suction centrifugal pumps, and three(3) 50 HP vertical dry pit centrifugal pumps for this project

Grouse Mountain

  • Fabrication, supply and installation of 20 HP, high pressure booster pump can

District of Hope

  • Supplied and installed uprades to water system communications between reservoirs and wellheads

Stehli Talbot Holdings Ltd. Pemberton, B.C.

  • Supply and installation of a complete new well water supply for community, by supplying and installing new submersible well pump and motor, pitless adapter unit, well head, prefabbed pumphouse, all plumbing, piping, mechanical and electrical.

District of Squamish – Powerhouse Springs

  • Complete installation and hook up of new well, as well as upgrade existing wells with new pumps and equipment. Precision executed complete well seals as per B.C. Government Grounwater Regulations.

Whistler Construction, R.M.O.W. Function Junction Groundwater Well Pump Station

  • Complete mechanical fabrication and installation of new well pump station including: New 125 hp lineshaft turbine pump system, pitless unit for Precision supplied 175 hp submersible pump and motor, c/w flowmeters, valves, control valves, backflow preventer, and transducers. As well as well redevelopment, and one well closure.

Faro Mine Site, Yukon

  • Well flow tested 3 wells, one for 7 days running time, and the other two well tests for 24 hrs each.

Kitimatt River Hatchery

  • Well and Pump System Maintenance

Foundex International – Molikpaq Offshore Oil Platform, Sakhalin Island, Russia

  • 125 hp submersible salt water well pump maintenance and inspections. Well maintenance and submersible video camera inspections in twelve subsea wells. (Ongoing project)

Seton Portage First Nations

  • Replace 2 Submersible well pumps, redevelop and test 2 wells, maintenance on water treatment and conditioning system, and water reservoir cleaning.