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Fabrication and Welding Shop

All repair work done on equipment or fabrication projects undertaken in our shop are minimally overseen or completed by certified journeyman machinists and or millwrights who's primary task is to follow each repair from breakdown or strip, through the machining process, and finally to its re-assembly again. These line procedures ensure the integrity of the repair as well as the consistency and quality of the job, which is what our clients have come to expect from and look for from our repair shop team.

Precision Service & Pumps policy is to use only new or original factory reconditioned parts that meet or exceeds industry standards, as this is the only way to guarentee equipment repaired by us is the closest to like new condition as we can possibly make it.

We make sure all replacement and machined parts fit properly during the re-assembly stage of each and every pump by way of a number of in-house grading repair checks and controls. During the pre-repair interview and throughout the overall repair process, our Techinal Sales Representatives will often provide a series of suggestions and alternative product options when repairing or replacing a pump, motor or valve depending on the correction needed and the task the specific piece of equipment is supposed to perform.

Precision's MIG, TIG and Arc welding experience, with our industry bench-mark equipment topped with the expertise of our master welders gives our projects higher marks than the average shop for our accuracy weldments . Precision Service & Pumps shop can weld, solder and braze Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel and a host of other metals and various alloys used in today's construction industry.





All of Precision Service & Pumps Inc. work and repairs is covered by our one-year limited warranty.

The details of our limited warranty are available upon request.


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